Monday, October 28, 2013


Synopsis: The story is about a young couple Ajjan and Rajjo, who love to each other and dreaming to become a soul mate, but suddenly ajjan falls in love with other girl and he   gets marriage with her and settled down. rajjo sacrificed her life on her first love ajjan. 
After twelve years, when ajjan meets rajjo, he realizes that he has not only destroyed her life also destroyed himself.   
Story: Abdul qazi sattar
Writer:Bhimsain Khurana
Music:Bhimsain khurana
Production: climb Films
Executive Producer:Neelam Khurana

Yogesh Pathak     Ajjan old
Retwika           Rajjo old     
Avinder Batra     Rajjo young
Sunil Kour        Ajjan Young
Dilraj Kour       Rajjo’s sister   
Veena             Ajjan’s wife           
Santosh Nagothkar Postman 
Shahad            Ajjan’s doughter

Chief Asst.Director    Varadraj Swami
Camera man             Naresh Manjrekar
Art director           Rajendra Patra
Casting Director       Hanny Gala
Sound Recordist        Vijay Shetty
Editor                 Nibu Eapen
Make up                Krishna
Dress man              Rajendra Gogia
Production Manager     Suraj Kumar Gupta
Asst.Director          Arvind Shirke
                       Shahzad Ahmad

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The biography of Mr. Naqsh Layal puri

Currently, I’m working on the biography of great lyricist of Indian cinema Mr.Naqsh Layal puri. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Akhbar ka ek panna

By Varadraj Swami


Submitted for the

Director: Varadraj Swami
Producer: Asif Khan
Writer: Varadraj Swami, Shahzad Ahmad
Music:  Manoj Singh
Genre: Fiction
Country: India
Duration: 23 minutes
Original Format: DV. PAL
Leading Actress: Rashika Agashe,
Leading Actor: Sudheer Choudhary
Photography: Ashok negi
Art Direction: varadraj Swami, Shahzad Ahmad
Editing: Balajee Tiwari
A husband wife they are suffering economic crisis and some personal problems also. They try to survive; but, they aren’t able to survive...

Director’s note: All peoples and all countries have some different types of problems, only civic and countries both are responsible for any type of problems or Situations. And the solutions of any kind of problems have living in inner layer of in these situations.
When we go through route of these situations then we find that there are number of difficulties standing around of us. To know or to see these difficulties, we supposed that these types of difficulties has created by the nation or by the situation, otherwise some people has conducted it, Yet, Perhaps it’s not meaningful suppose. Either economic inflation, recession, corruption or terrorism or even domestic trouble have somewhere developed by due to our irresponsibility and careless activities, gives power of Span for this things.
If we look at our old era. We get that; we were not depending on things (Material). Although, we were inventor indeed. At that time people used thing according to their needs, things were depend on them to use. Now equation of management has changed our motivation and habit at this recent era. that’s why... we are chasing behind of things to fulfill our needs, and things are also running far from us. Reason can’t be in hundred counting, may be in lacs of reason possible...corruption and economic inflation only two name is not enough for it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


by Varadraj Swami

Special Mention

Official Selection

Director: Varadraj Swami
Producer: Ranjit Biswas
Writer: Varadraj Swami, Shahzad Ahmad
Music:  Manoj Singh 
Genre: Fiction
Country: India
Duration: 30 minutes
Original Format: DV. PAL
Leading Actress: Priya jaiswar,
Leading Actor: Arwind swami
Photography: Ashok negi
Art Direction: varadraj Swami, Shahzad Ahmad
Editing: Balajee Tiwari

Synopsis: Recession is a film on the scary economic slowdown which has gripped our universe. For people who would fight their way out of economic slowdown, or any other challenging situation, the film is an inspiration to come out victorious. Three different sets of victims of economic slowdown living in a City in different streets and locations touch each others lives in their own unique and sweet way.

Director‘s note: The whole world was insecure and feared when the recession or economic sell down came the last three year. We always listened that, there are some people have committed suicide due to they were unable to carry the load of recent recession, at once we listened that so many bank and company sank down and decamped because of its, the large number of people have unemployed etc.
To see this type of events, which were happening one by one, the industrialist and empire businessmen were also refused to invest their wealth in business activities;
That’s why employment crises were increasing very rapidly day by day. The people had seems like disappointed, depressed, helpless and hopeless. Even the leaving of standard was too bad to they were not able to fulfill the domestic stuff also. The people had to demoralized, disappointed and felt insecure. Perhaps, that was the reason; people reached to such mental status that they committed suicide.
When we wrote this story, which was based on current recession. Don’t know why...! But story was making pressure again and again for visualization; therefore I realized that... why not we should make a short film on this story? After all found that this is very motivational story, which will be converted by us in film format. And ultimately we made and got a beautiful film the name of recession.


by Varadraj Swami

Official Selection

Director: Varadraj swami
Producer: Anwarul haque khan
Writer: Balajee tiwari,Varadraj Swami, Shahzad Ahmad
Music:  Manoj Singh 
Genre: Fiction
Country: India
Duration: 15 minutes
Original Format: DV. PAL
Leading Actress: Reema sen gupta
Leading Actor: Brijesh jha
Photography: Pawan choudhry
Art Direction: varadraj Swami, shahzad Ahmad
Editing: Balajee Tiwari

Synopsis: The film Shades highlights those aspects of poverty which compels the low and order to think. A poor woman does not have enough money to hire a vehicle to carry the dead body of her daughter from the post mortem office, sells the dead body. When the ward boy carries the dead body away, her younger daughter asks for the clothes which is on the dead body. The film shows the pathetic and intense nature of poverty that some of our people have become a victim to.

Director’s note:
It’s not new matter that the dead body has been selling by the people of medical college and hospital in the whole world. Today somebody donate their eyes. There are so many intellectual, who donate his body for research proposes of medical laboratory after his death. Its matter of independent thought a person; it’s not happen due to poverty and helplessness of their life. But, when dead body has sold by any person, although he wants to do funeral work that dead body, and he is helpless, it’s shameful for any country.
A shades is not imaginary story, on the contrary it has happened in front of my eyes, in my country India. Before Making of this film, I searched very deeply and found that, it’s not new event. Such type of incident is always happening in medical college and postmortem rooms of our country here and there.
It was not need to make a film on such topic. To look the mouth of a poor girl who said that. “Please give me that cloth, which has worn dead body, because I have no extra cloth, this cloth is mine.” It was very painful situation, which had happened in front of my eyes. That’s why I decided to make film on this topic, because of our leader and dictator are always trying to cover it from their sweet and oily speeches. They are trying to spread out this message in the whole world that we are going for great country, but it’s not realty. Actually they are real robber of our country; they are only doing loot of public property and wealth part of poor person. And they eating and sleeping only nothing doing any work for progress of our country.
The merciful and sad matter it that, there are no clothes to wear some people in our country India today. A large number of people helplessly live and sleep also on the footpaths and empty land of government road areas. When these type of situation in 2010 in India... even who is responsible for that? From 1947 after independency of our country to till now the valley of richness and poverty which is created by the government, why they could not fulfill it?
I visited and saw in postmortem houses. How kind of our greedy doctors fulfill the formality of the file of the dead body only greediness of some money.
We can’t cover this truth that, what is the reason that to open grave and send dead body after six and fifteenth month ago for forensic test in our country. The example of this duty less condition of government site can’t see any country perhaps.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Endless

by Varadraj Swami



Official Selection
2010 SHORT

Special Mention
Director: Varadraj swami
Producer: Sameer singh
Writer: Varadraj Swami,Shahzad Ahmad
Music:  Manoj Singh 
Genre: Fiction
Country: India
Duration: 25 minutes
Original Format: DV. PAL
Leading Actor: Neeraj navodit
Photography: Pawan Singh, Dilip Rwane
Art Direction: Varadraj Swami,Shahzad Ahmad
Editing: Balajee Tiwari

A writer wants to write some good stories coming from his heart but he is unable to do so. Every time he writes and tears off the papers and throws them away, highly dissatisfied. He is thoroughly cynical of the world and sees no good in it. In the end, he dies a dissatisfied man.

Director‘s note: Endless is a stage…which is present somewhere in  each and other person. When this stage takes a huge shape then one  starts leading a directionless. .. Sometimes a highly ambitious person  gets directionless in life and doesn’t understand that” What to do and  what not to do.” So, much negative emotion like, depression, sadness,  frustration gets stronger in him… After pondering over the sordid  realities of the world. He starts living the life solitary in any  matter, fact or even of the world… in this way he decides to accept the  world as an endless journey, and… he thinks “I’m a traveler of the  endless journey. Nothing happens in the life, nothing achieve in life.

Biography of the director :
Varadraj Swami born 28 January 1976; he belongs from district Chatara Jharkhand. He completed zoology horn’s from Magadh university. Than he joined Bihar Art Theater patna. He is still working six years with lots of directors. like Sanjay Upadhyay,Alok Chatarjee,Pervez Akhtar etc. Meanwhile he decides to move for higher education of art and culture. After few months he got admission Himachal Cultural Research Forum Theater & Natya academy Mandi Himanchal Pradesh, he finished his diploma in 2002, and eventually came down in Mumbai. He started to work as an asst, director in under of mr. Bhimsen khurna, Tigmanshu Dhuliya, Gopal Malhotra, Raman Kumar etc.
He worked with them lots of project... like tele film, documentary film, animation film, serial etc. He is working with Mr. Bhimsen Khurana approximately six years. In spite He did not satisfied than he moved film television institute pune and he worked there as an asst. director in diploma films production.
Presently he is working as an independent film maker. He has done four short films. All films have submitted quite a few film festivals.